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Welcome to Beaches Laundry Service

Beaches Laundry Service is created to provide a complete laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery service to our customers in the Palm Beach and Miami areas.

Our goal is to give our customers the peace of mind that their laundry needs are met.   No more spending precious hours toiling over laundry, giving you the quality time with family and friends.

We have been in the laundry business for over six years with several laundry facilities serving South Florida neighborhoods from the Palm Beaches to Miami.  We take care and pride in our work and give precise attention to our customers laundry needs.

We are eager and excited to provide this service to our customers.   We are even more excited to have you experience the enjoyment of having that time for life.

A family of four can generate up to 70lb of laundry per week, taking an average of 8 hour to wash, dry, fold and put away.  That is time you could be spending enjoying the south Florida life.

We are here to make this possible for you with the best service in the industry.  Your peace of mind and quality of life is our success.

We have created an avenue to fulfill all you laundry needs with a simple App or go online and sign up to experience the service and convenience of Beaches Laundry Service.  We are looking forward to servicing your laundry needs and hearing back from you on the experience.

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Beaches Laundry Service

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