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Have you found yourself leaning over the barrel of your washing machine, at 11 pm, pulling out one of the many loads of laundry that have to be washed before the busy work and school day tomorrow? Well, say goodbye to those late nights! We’re here for all your laundry needs. The best part? We pick up and deliver for free!

Boynton Beach, FL is a great place to be. With a deep history as a former railroad town, visitors and residents alike will enjoy learning more about how the railroad first came to Boynton Beach back in 1894 when Civil War veteran Nathan Boynton first came to town. Boynton, being from Michigan, soon after built the Boynton Hotel which became his family’s winter residence. The Boynton family and their fellow settlers were impressed with the variety of fruits and vegetables available in the warm, tropical climate. Many previously rare fruits were then shipped on the Florida East Coast Railroad, including pineapples, tomatoes, mangoes and other citrus.

A popular attraction, Boynton Beach Oceanfront Park, located just north of the original Boynton Hotel site is a must see!  Visit this historic location acquired by the Town of Boynton in 1921. Back in the day, this place served as a fun and recreational resource. One of the most fun places to be, the Hotel built the beach casino in 1928 which featured a grand dining hall and locker rooms and showers for the guests. The casino was demolished in 1967.

Since it’s beginnings in the 1920’s, residents and visitors flock to Boynton Beach Oceanfront Park.In recent years, a boardwalk made out of Brazilian Walnut or Ipe wood. About 5 years ago, some of the restrooms along the boardwalk were refurbished, helping maintain the park’s inviting and pleasant demeanor.

Again, whether you’re visiting or living in Boynton Beach, Florida, you’re in a fantastic place. Give Beaches Laundry Service that laundry basket and go enjoy the beach!

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