Laundry Services

From your favorite jeans to your baby’s blankie, our experienced laundry specialists will care for your clothes as if they were their own.
Dry Cleaning
Dry cleaning requires a slightly longer turnaround than our 24 hour door-to-door laundry service. Consequently, dry cleaning will be returned 48 to 72 hours after pickup.
Commercial Laundry
Interested in learning more about Beaches Laundry Service’s competitive commercial laundry pricing? Email or call (561) 513-4775.
Ready to Get Started?

Beaches Laundry Service offers a complete menu of laundry and dry cleaning services in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Our company will pick up laundry from your home or business, wash them to your specifications and deliver them back the next day. We can also pick up your dry cleaning and have it back to you in 72 hours.

Our wash and fold laundry service is fully customizable, meaning you choose everything from the detergent to the water temperature. Easily change your laundry preferences when logged in to your account, so regardless of what laundry is in this week’s pickup, it’s washed and dried exactly how you want it.

Are you ready to give up the relentless task of laundry? Sign up with Beaches Laundry Service and start enjoying all that free time!